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My Experience(s)

Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2013 11:25 pm
by Kathy Milks
As a child, I knew I had an extraordinary sixth sense. In my adult years I have noticed that I can sense a telephone call, or someone coming by, or something happening before hand. Sometimes, I will think of someone so intensely, they will call and say, "you popped into my head and I thought I'd call to touch base". My mind is very open to the world that the average person cannot see, feel, hear, or smell and I believe that is why I have had a few experiences with ghosts, spirits, the paramormal. I also possess no fear factor.

I have lived in a few places where electical gadgets would turn themselves on. I once lived in a house where I changed the coffee maker several times because of high pitched whining noises that would irritate me, only to have the same thing happen with the different brands I purchased. I've had lights flicker, lightbulbs explode, ,objects slide across a table as I reached for them,water turn on, cold spots, shadow people and things go missing (some ghosts have an incredible sense of humour)

But my last experience was one that involved all of my senses. I moved to an apartment prior to the house I am living in now. When I went to see the place before deciding that I would sign a lease, I noticed and odd odour, the smell of rotting turnips. I dismissed it, thinking it a residual from the past tenant and I would be able to eliminate it. When I moved in, the odour was gone. When the movers were done and I was alone and unpacking, I felt like I was being watched and upon reaching a certain spot in the apartment, I noticed that the said odour had returned. I immediately knew I wasn't home alone and spoke out, saying, "Hello, my name is Kathy and I have come to live here and I hope we can be friends". The odour immediately disipated.

For days, weeks and months, the odour would come and go and I would chat this entity up. I would have things go missing and things rearranged. I am a highly organized person and I am drug and alcohol free so I knew this was not by my own hand. I was out running errands one evening and upon my return the odour hit me and there was water all over my bathroom floor. I immediately had the superintendant investigate but we found no source to where the water could have come from. That night was the first of many that I would suddenly wake up between midnight and 3 a.m., and not be able to get back to sleep for a couple hours. During those hours I would feel strong sensations of someone standing next to me and a feeling as though someone was stroking my hair. That's when I started talking more and asking this spirit to expose themselves to me.

One night, I stood in my livingroom at 3 a.m., and felt someone behind me. I snapped my cellphone to camera mode (I had it in my hand at the time) and turned on a dime taking a picture. I was astonished, my camera caught a picture of a mirror on the wall directly behind me, it is a window pane with six mirrors. And to my surprise I found the face of a man reflected in the bottom right hand pane. The whole apartment reeked of rotting turnips. I continued to speak aloud, telling this ghost that I live here, and I cannot continue to have my sleep disrupted. I told him that he wasn't really suppose to be here and that I had to respectfully ask him to leave. A few moments later, a gray misty shadow walked up the hallway to the front door. All sensations ceased to exist and the scent of rotting turnips never returned after that moment in time.

I do have the photo, if anyone is interested in taking a gander.

Re: My Experience(s)

Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 3:21 am
by Kathy Milks
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. I don't know why the image uploads sideways, it's right side up at my end. So you will see his face sideways @ top right pane.