Nannup Family missing 2008

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Nannup Family missing 2008

Postby Rev. Chris Roubis » Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:05 am

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Re: Nannup Family missing 2008

Postby Sir Laughs-A-Lot » Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:21 am

I tried to get started on this case today.

This below is the email I dispatched to a guy in French Canada today.
* = real name and email addy redacted.
Re: Simon Kadwell Gary Felton & Mising Persons Chantelle & Leela McDougal & Antonio POPIC‏
From: *Sir Laughs-a-lot
Sent: Monday, 12 July 2010 5:09:53 PM
Dear Sir,

My name is *(Sir Laughs-a-lot), from Western Australia.

I am researching 'Missing Persons' cases in Western Australia, for a book I am writing.

I am seeking your advice, help, assistance, please with one of the missing persons cases I am researching:- that of 4 persons from the small rural town of Nannup in Western Australia.

Mother & daughter Chantelle & Leela McDougal, as well as one lodger Antonio Popic, have been reported as officially missing, by their respective relatives to police, as of July 13, 2007.

They were living with a man named "Gary Felton", who used a 'stolen identity' of one of his school chums from England some 20 years prior "Simon Kadwell" (AKA Simon Kadwill & Simon Kaddy). Felton also disappeared at the same time, but has NOT been officially reported missing by any of his relatives (Estranged first partner Deborah and son Daniel).

I have read that this Gary Felton AKA Simon Kadwell, was the author of two books Servers of the Divine Plan and The New Call and operated an internet group known as the Truth Fellowship and an online forum known as the Gateway.

He is believed to be aged approximately 45 years and is known to have have resided in the United Kingdom, in the "new age" town of Glastonbury in 1998 and 2000. He has also resided in Victoria, Australia.

He has been previously been linked to another estranged earlier partner named Deborah, with a child named Daniel

He was called Si on the chat forum, which involved about 40 members around the world, who referred to themselves as The Forecourt — a religious reference to the place where believers wait for “judgment day”.

Ms Chantelle McDougall’s parents, have accused Mr Kadwell of 'brainwashing and seducing their daughter' when, as a 17-year-old, she started babysitting for him and his partner, Deborah, in 1998.

The teenager had been introduced to Mr Kadwell and Deborah through friends in Victoria and would follow them to WA, Britain and back again.

By September 2000, Mr Kadwell, Deborah, their son Daniel and Ms McDougall were all living in WA.

The same year, Ms McDougall, who was pregnant, and Mr Kadwell moved to a rented house in Floreat (a suburb of the capital city Perth), where they continued to believe that the planet was on “red alert” and it was time for “awakening servers of the divine plan” to come forward. Mr Popic moved in with them.

With baby Leela, the couple and Mr Popic moved to the small south coast rural hamlet of Denmark in Western Australia.

In 2004, the group shifted to the small southwest rural town of Nannup, where Ms McDougall worked at a fish and chip shop and taught swimming. Mr Popic lived in a caravan at the rear of their rented rural property.

The search for the family who disappeared from WA in 2007 in mysterious circumstances, is now centered on an isolated Brazilian town known for its religious cults.

The West Australian newspaper reported that the former internet cult leader Englishman (Gary Felton) "Simon Kadwell", 45, Chantelle McDougall, 27, their daughter Leela, 6, and friend Tony Popic, 40, may have sneaked out of the country to New Zealand before traveling to Rio Branco, in Brazil’s east.

It can also be revealed that police have evidence that Mr Popic booked into paid accommodation in Perth city, possibly with Ms McDougall and Leela, on July 16 last year.

This confirmed sighting of Mr Popic was just three days after what had been considered the last sighting of any of the quartet in Busselton, where they had sold a car for $4000 to a local dealer and drove away in a waiting vehicle.

Detectives believe Mr Popic, Ms McDougall and Leela may have made their way to New Zealand soon after the sighting in Perth.

It is understood police believe (Gary Felton) Mr Kadwell may have already left for Brazil, to find accommodation for the group.

None of the missing adults have used their bank accounts or mobile phones since their disappearance.

Ms McDougall’s father Jim, said that his daughter had told him during their last conversation on July 13 last 2007 — the day the quartet went missing from their rented accommodation in Nannup — that they were going to live in a small religious community on the outskirts of Rio Branco.

Rio Branco is known as a base for secretive religious cults which are involved in nature worship and consume hallucinogenic liquids which they believe help them reach an elevated state of mind.

When the owner of their Nannup property went to the house in the days after they left the town, he found a note on the front door which read, “Gone to Brazil”.

Mr McDougall said he had thought the family’s Brazil trip was a 'cover story' after he made unsuccessful attempts to locate them through the Australian embassy in Brasilia.

But after being made aware of Rio Branco’s strong association with cults, he said: “That sounds exactly like (Gary Felton) Simon’s kind of place — isolated, secretive and somewhere he could indulge his desire, to become a religious leader of sorts.”

Mr McDougall said he was considering traveling to Brazil to try to find his daughter.

“I desperately want to find them and now that there is some clearer indication of where they might be, we’ll think very strongly about heading over there to look for them,” he said.

Det-Sen. Sgt Casey Prins of the major crime squad said detectives were aware of claims the quartet had gone to Brazil and had been in contact with authorities there. But they had not found any evidence that the group were in Brazil or that they had left Australia.

My interest in this case stems from the fact I lived for 20 years in the same small town of Nannup - from whence this group of 4 disappeared in 2007. I had sold mine & my family's holdings in the town after the passing of my father and business partner in 2005, and left, probably 12 - 18 months before this group disappeared.

I found on your web site - the letter that you had sent to all your email list about this man and your experience meeting him, in England.

I wanted to ask you, having known & met the guy - what your feelings are, as to the likely fate of the other 3 people - whether it is likely they would have followed Felton to Brazil, or indeed whether they may have come to some kind of physical harm, at the hands of Felton?.

One obvious concern, is that while they did sell Ms McDougalls vehicle for $4000 cash - they actually left a significant amount of $ in one of her bank accounts (in excess of several thousands of $), and that non of their bank accounts have been accessed since July 13 2007 when they disappeared.

It has been suspected, that given Simon KADWELL has used various aliases, that he could have access to a passport under a different name (Felton). The geographical profiling model, suggests that people return to their roots and familiar surroundings and it is therefore, very likely that KADWELL could surface again in the United Kingdom.

Of concern is that both McDOUGALL and POPIC are real names (making access to false passports more difficult) and if they are not with KADWELL, what has happened to them?

You seem to be a person who was able to see thru conman Felton's charade as a religious cult leader, and hence I would value your opinion, as to the likely fate, of at least the other 3 members of his group or any inkling as to anywhere in the world he might have expressed any desire to live at any point in the future?.

Thank you for any light you may be able to shed as to the motivations and habits of this man Felton.

I do hope that you might be able to give me some insights based on your experience with having met the man in the UK in presumably year 2000?

Yours most sincerely,

*etc etc
Ohh - the email was sent because this guy Jean Hudon, published this letter warning about Simon Kaddy on his web site!

It gives a bit of insight to the polygamous cult leader type of guy Felton apparently is.

Don't know if this guy Hudon will respond to me, but we shall see I guess.

It's a start at least.


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