Card and Angel Number/numbers for 4/8/2015

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Card and Angel Number/numbers for 4/8/2015

Postby jazz » Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:54 am

Card for today ....Self Worth....
Self worth bestows a sense of confidence, expectation of success and ability to love.

Decide on clear boundaries and limits and firmly decline to let others step over them or manipulate you...You will earn respect.

When you value yourself (so true), you become open and friendly, slow to take offence and quick to forgive :)

Remind yourself that you are likable and loveable...Do not let others press your buttons Stand tall and confident.

With true self worth, you radiate a golden aura which enfolds others and makes them feel good your Angel to step into your aura and guide you..


Angel Number for today....576....Give any fear or doubts about changing your life to heaven, as these changes will ease a lot of stress O:-) :ymhug:

This is so true, when you can trust enough or already trust in a higher power that is always guiding and watching over us with love, compassion, strength, protection and insight our troubles can seem lighter or less stressful to deal with let go and let God is my favourite saying just give it all up when anything in your life becomes just too hard to deal with God takes it away from us and sends us lots of signs that we are going to be alright( I made it this far so take it from an antique we are helped in many unseen ways and our burdens do become lighter as we go along) :ymhug:

Blessings jazz. O:-)
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Blessings jazz :)

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