card and Angel Number/numbers for 16/7/2015

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card and Angel Number/numbers for 16/7/2015

Postby jazz » Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:09 pm

Card message from the card deck..The Spirit Messages..

This is for my beautiful Grand daughter who is a beautiful little soul, I love you my darling and you are going to be alright another stepping stone for you towards the light and love from God and his Angels to help you get through this difficult time.
There is so much love for you around you and with you, you are the most beloved and precious child of God Thankyou Luke and Jess, family and friends who are there for her now. Godbless you all .
I love you and I am always here for you nannyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :ymhug:

Hope....Your loved ones in the Spirit World know when to reach out if they see you are at a low point.
Whether you are caught up in a difficult situation or struggling with one specific in your life, there is always hope.
Spirit has brought this card to the fore front for a reason.
Even though there's a fine line between despair and hope, this card is validation that hope is always there.
It's always inside you, and you have the free will to tap into its positive effects at any time.
Hope provides a positive mind-set to believe, to instill a sense of inner confidence, and to know that there's a happy and satisfactory outcome to any given situation.

Use this card as a mirror to see your-self for all that you are, all the good things: the beauty you bring to this World, the love you offer, and the encouragement you give to others.. Believe in yourself, and know that you can overcome any situation..Hope will be your source of energy with all your achievements, so start trusting your instincts to see your life differently.
When you tap into hope, you can transcend the restrictions of the past.

Angel Number...222..Trust that everything is working out exactly as it's supposed to, with Divine blessings for everyone involved. Let go and have FAITH. :ymhug:

Faith can move many mountains we face in life, I know that to be true for myself many times have I wanted to just give up on life and myself when I couldn't see any light shine through into my life.
I prayed and prayed for help to be strong to want to be here and I was told loud and clear by spirit and my son Mum have Faith don't let go of it and don't ever stop believing in Faith and to this day I have held on to Faith and I have always been helped in the way I was meant to so I got through and over any mountains that were placed before me.. O:-)

Love and blessings jazz.
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Blessings jazz :)

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