Card and Angel number/numbers for 15/7/2015

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Card and Angel number/numbers for 15/7/2015

Postby jazz » Wed Jul 15, 2015 1:20 pm

The Angel Number for today is 824..
Lean upon the Angels to stay positive about your financial situation, and borrow their absolute faith that everything is just fine with respect to money. :) the number 8 is for abundance use it in your lotto numbers if you were born with an eight in your birthday then you will always be abundant through your own efforts and hard work you will attract abundance into your life by giving to those less fortunate brings much abundance into our lives with all things not just money.

Do you have any idea's or have been receiving any idea's from your guides and Angels as to how to make extra money for yourself?...maybe a hobby or using any craft or creative skills can bring you more money abundance. ;)

Card for today...From the Angel Wisdom cards.

Your Angel guidance is to examine your self and your current situation in depth so that you have a clear awareness of the underlying reasons for your challenges and situation.

Acquaint yourself with facts about situations and attitudes before you take decisions.

Self-awareness is a necessary foundation on which to build strong relationships, friendships and work.
Understanding your personality is a basis for understanding your spiritual self and your mission on Earth.
Ask your Angel to help you.

Affirmation...."I seek an understanding of myself and my life". O:-)

Blessings jazz. :)
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Blessings jazz :)

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